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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cupcake Hot Pad

H hook
Worsted Weight Yarn: Brown, and pink (I used acrylic for this one, I had big 7 oz skeins, so... not sure how much you would need when using cotton. I would probably get two balls of each, just to be sure.)
Plastic ring from a pop bottle (for hanging ring, optional)

*Note: Sc in back loops only (BLO) for brown part of cupcake.
When crocheting around ring of pop bottle, it works best if you try to crochet as tightly to the previous crochet as possible. I kind of push it over with my fingers as best as I can.
Also this pattern has not been tested and this is the only one I've made so far (I made it up for a swap package.) So if there are any errors, please let me know by leaving a comment.

With brown, ch 15. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 1, turn.
Rows 2-26: Sc in BLO of each sc across. Ch 1, turn. At end of row 26, should measure approx. 6 1/4" across. Fasten off.

Join pink in end of row where you just fastened off. Ch 1, sc in same space, and in end of each row. (26 sc) Ch 1, turn.
Row 2: Sc in each sc across. Ch 1, turn.
Row 3: Sc first 2 sc tog, sc across til 2 sc remain. Sc last 2 sc tog. (24 sc) Ch 1, turn.
Rows 4 & 5: Repeat row 2.
Row 6: Repeat row 3. (22 sc)
Row 7 & 8: Repeat row 2.
Row 9 & 10: Repeat row 3. (20 sc, 18 sc)
Row 11: Sc first 2 tog. *Sc in next 2 sc, sc next 2 sc tog, repeat from * across. (13 sc)
Row 12: Repeat row 3. (11 sc)
Row 13: Sc first 2 sc tog. *Sc in next sc. Sc next 2 tog. Sc in next sc. Repeat from *. (7 sc) Fasten off.
Make two.
Holding both pieces with wrong sides together, and with brown, join with a sl st on left side of cupcake. Sc two pieces together, joining pink for icing part, and sc in any available space to joing tops together. Fasten off.

Hanging Ring: With pink, crochet 25 sc evenly around. Join with a sl st to first sc. Fasten off, leaving a longish length to sew ring onto top of cupcake. Starting at the third sc from right on top of cupcake, and into next 2 sc, sew ring securely on. With yarn to the back side of the cupcake, pull through a loop and make a slip knot to end off. Weave end in. Weave in any other loose ends and you are done.

**This is a free pattern, and cannot be reproduced for sale anywhere.**
If you can find a buyer for your finished hot pad, you are welcome to sell it locally at craft shows/ whatever. The pattern however is free and is not to be sold. Thank you.


  • I love this pattern! I would like to make some of these for my family's white elephant gift exchange at christmas. Thank you for sharing such a lovely pattern.

    By Blogger Leofrog's Crochet Blog, at 5:07 PM  

  • You are welcome Leofrog. :)

    By Blogger Tina, at 8:58 PM  

  • Great Pattern! I was looking for something cupcake related to make for a couple friends and this was perfect! Thanks for posting it.

    By Blogger Leigh, at 8:59 AM  

  • Great Pattern! I was looking for something cupcake related to make for a couple friends and this was perfect! Thanks for posting it.

    By Blogger Leigh, at 9:00 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger laace, at 3:34 PM  

  • Thanks for posting this pattern. I love it. I just finished one as a gift for a friend. I made the cake bright yellow and the icing bright pink. I made the cherry red. I got the ring from a soda bottle as suggested and it worked out fine. I crocheted it in cotton yarn. I plan to crochet many more as gifts and one for myself.

    By Blogger laace, at 3:37 PM  

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