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Friday, July 08, 2011

Simple Circle Earrings

Here are the materials I used.  :)
"B" crochet hook
Sock yarn (almost fingering/baby weight?)
The rings from a 20 oz. plastic pop bottle
OR the rings from a gallon of milk, depending on how big you want your earrings
Earring wires
Needle nose pliers

With a slip knot made, and behind the ring; put your hook through the ring and grab the slip knot. Then do 20 sc in ring. Ch 3 (this is where you will hang the earring wire), 20 sc in ring. Join to first sc. Weave in end. With needle nose pliers, pull the little hoop away so you can put the ch 3 part through. Make sure you have the earring and the circle parts both facing the way they should go. After getting the ch 3 part in, with your pliers, tighten the loop back together. You're done. :)  Make one more.

For the milk rings, I did 25 sc, ch 3, 25 sc.

Two pairs with plastic pop bottle rings.

Milk gallon on the left, next to the pop bottle one. So you can see how much bigger it is.  These were all the plastic rings I had saved. I need to start saving more. Just a little recycling, but hey...  :) 
You can sell your earrings made from this pattern. But the pattern is free and is not to be re-sold. Thanks and Have Fun.


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